Everyone sure enjoyed you and Susie so much Sat. night.  I had a couple of people say the only thing they didn't like is the didn't want it to be over when you finished.  I hope you'll both be back again soon!

- Brenda; Corsicana, Texas


This afternoon, May 27, 2018, the TV landed on Cowboy Church and I heard Susie sing "Parable of the Windmill," I think it was. I was amazed with what I heard. Such a voice and spot-on execution. She's not nazally, is that a word? The song was followed by two more. Then a few minutes ago, I turned on the computer and went to YouTube to hear a few more songs. You have a new fan. I'll be on Susie's site to get some CDs. FWIW: I'm in my mid-60s. Dad was a classical violinist and I started piano at age 6. Music has been a major part of my life and I'm somewhat critical. I don't mean that in a bad way. I was wondering how I heard so many years of Reba and never knew of Susie. I have been blessed by the songs today as well as Susie's wonderful talent and skill.

- Ron


On behalf of Cowboy Church of Ellis County, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to you both for honoring us with your presence and participation in our annual Ladies’ Luncheon.

Each year as we prepare for this annual luncheon, our committee reflects on the needs of the women in our church who give so much of themselves, experiences that often leave them depressed, sad, angry – or with little hope. We pray each year that God gives us a scripture we can use to draw these ladies to our luncheon and our church. This year, God led us to this scripture:

Psalm 34:18 :  The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit

As we prayed about this scripture, we also prayed He would guide us to someone who could not only understand the life events many have experienced or continue to experience, but someone who has
personally dealt with emotional and physical pain.

God led us to Susie McEntire Eaton and her husband Mark. On top of her extraordinary talent, Susie did not hesitate to share her personal testimony with our ladies. Not only did her songs touch individual ladies, her testimony about her past touched many of the 450 ladies who attended and heard the pain she has endured over the years. She shared her continued faith in Jesus Christ and how she relied on Him to guide her future.

Susie shared her upbringing with us – Grandma Smith doing her chores, not once complaining about the hard life she had, and at the same sharing her love of Jesus with Susie as a young child. This brought smiles and happy tears to many of our ladies as it brought back fond memories for us as well. We were also blessed to have Mark participate in Susie’s testimony as well as joining her on several songs.

Again, thank you both, Susie and Mark, for sharing your lives, your music and your testimonies with us.

- Ellis County, Texas


First let me say, this was the 12th annual "Pink Luncheon" here in Weatherford, TX, and I haven't had time to sit at my desk and write 'Thank You' notes, due to constant interruptions of phone calls and ppl dropping in to say "This was the BEST ONE EVER!"

All thanks to You & Mark and Our LORD of course!

- Evon


Hello Mark, I had been coming to the Cowboy Church at CFD’s for a few years, when I saw you were coming to Greeley I was really excited. I talked my wife into coming with me and then she came to Cheyenne too. I love Susie’s music but Mark you have such a different message and a great way of being honest and heartfelt presenting that message. I would love to listen to you more often. Your talk this morning in Cheyenne hit the nail on the head.

- Cheyenne, Wyoming


The messages you and Susie both shared were needed by my wife and I.  You are clearly a good match, with a very loving and supportive marriage. My wife grew up in the Catholic church, though no longer a practicing Catholic.  She said your service was the first to leave her with no sense of guilt - and the first to actively discourage guilt.  So that was a welcome blessing to her, and something her heart seemed to need.  
I had considered becoming a minister in my early 20s, but always felt far-too-flawed to take on the job.  So again, your message struck quite a chord with me.  Plus, I like the way you two sing together. It has been a privilege to work with the McEntires for several years now, on some of my research.  They have contributed to some of the most rich, rewarding, and entertaining highlights of my 20-year career in academics.  I was actually in Cheyenne to wrap-up this rodeo research project, and I am very glad that we caught your service.  I believe it will add some depth to the material I am including on cowboy church.  

- University Professor in Ohio


Susie and Mark, you absolutely surpassed all of our expectations in every way!  I think the one thing--if I had to pick just one--that amazed me the most was your willingness to just spend time with us...to share your life with us, to talk about your kids and families, to ask about our lives.  That's priceless!  Being able to just chat with you driving from the airport and sitting down at a very relaxed lunch was awesome.  The other striking thing to me is just how very invested both of you are in encouraging others and pouring into their lives!  I loved how you took the time to invited Ernie from Denver to join us because you knew, Mark, that he is experiencing such a tough, "valley" time right now.  And, Susie , how you made time to have breakfast with  Karen and invite her and daughters to dinner and the concert.  Then, at the dinner and after the concert, you visited with the folks, posed for many photos with folks and made everyone there feel important.  All of that is so uplifting and really builds my faith.

Mark, your advice in the design and execution of the fund-raising part of the event made all the difference.  Your excitement and passion for youth and catching our vision for our rodeo B ible camp really was so helpful to us.  Knowing that I could call or email you for help along the way really boosted our confidence and allowed us to push forward through unknown waters.  Thank you so much!

The personal stories from your life, Susie , were so real, touching and hope-filled.  So many people have commented to me/us about how they enjoyed that personal touch from you!  Your choices of song were perfect--I love your voice as always--so beautiful and like non-other in the business.  I really loved the duet, the "love" song, perfect!  The two of you singing together with the intimacy of just an acoustic guitar, sounded so great.

Finally, the way you both presented the "ask" for donations was wonderfully straight-forward, and honest.  I am convinced that without you doing that part of the presentation, we would not have been so blessed with amount of donations.  People just opened up their wallets and hearts and gave what they could which was soooo heart-warming to us.  There were lots and lots of envelopes with $3, $7, $100, or whatever each person could give.

Overall, after all the bills have been paid and a few more sponsorships have been received, we cleared just over $20,000.  Really unbelievable. What an out-pouring of blessing for which we are extremely thankful and humbled.  For we know that our good, good Father orchestrated it all and now, we want to be great stewards of His gifts and be bold in presenting hope and salvation to as many kids and families in our area and in the mission field of Arizona or wherever God leads us.

The words, "Thank You," are certainly not enough to express our deep appreciation to you, Susie and Mark.  So, until you get to heaven and receive your heavenly reward, I guess it will have to do!  :-)  We pray huge blessing and favor over all you do and over all your family.  I can't wait until you come back to Grand Junction area and please know that if there is ever anything I or we can do to help you guys, we are here for you!

- Paula


Mark and Susie were as genuine as it gets.  Their presence on the stage was fantastic and they engaged the audience during the entire show!  Everyone who attended had a great time.  Susie is a very talented singer, who uses her vocal gifts and her testimony to glorify God.   You and Mark were very REAL, genuine and transparent.  We really enjoyed having you and hope that you'll keep in touch! I feel like I found a new friend from the state of Oklahoma.

- Church Host in Kansas


Hi Susie, Mark,
I am now listening to your CDs finally. Starting with Real Love. I love it. Wish I had started following you sooner, but I am so glad I am now. You have a forever fan in me. I hope to be blessed to continue travelling this year and am looking forward to seeing at least one of your concerts. Have a Happy New Year.

God Bless y'all.

- Diane Hundermark Kulpsville, PA


First, we would like to Thank You both for such an amazing weekend. We have had such great feedback from those that attended the events, our volunteers as well as Bushwackers owners and staff. Though it was a great weekend, I feel absolutely terrible about the audio issues that occurred. We had made it very well known from day 1 that this had to be done right or we would hire a crew to come in. Unfortunately lesson learned on our part, but wanted to apologize to you and Susie for having to push through this and for Susie losing her voice. You both did a tremendous job overcoming a terrible position we put you in. We saw the true talent that you both have shine by the way you handled the issues.

I also wanted to pass on to you both is how appreciative we were for taking the time to Minister to all of us and Mark for you taking the time to speak to me about Cowboy Church. My Pastors and myself have been Praying about this for a long time and as I have a lot of learning to do, I would appreciate any further guidance and direction that you would be willing to assist me with. I know you are busy and I do not want to take away from your Ministry, but I also want to learn as much as I can from your experience. Cowboy Church is in a lot of ways different than a regular Church service. I only say that because I feel it is because people have made it that way.
We Pray that your overall experience was good and that you would both be interested in coming back for a Men's and Women's retreat or another event sometime. The event to us was very successful in many ways. Financially we may break even, but we are ok with that as we were able to speak with a lot of new people and help get the word out about VRA and the opportunity to touch people's lives at Cowboy Church.

- Tony Barnes
Victory Riding Academy Inc.
Omaha, NE


I'd be happy to provide the feedback we've received. Our guests very much enjoyed the entertainment provided by Susie and Mark. What a great team they make! Our Event Chair and other Board members who helped plan the event had a great experience coordinating with Mark prior to the day of the event. They were very grateful for the experience and suggestions offered to help make the event a success. Susie and Mark are both so down-to-earth and flexible to work with, we couldn't have asked for a better experience!

We appreciate how Susie and Mark set the stage for raising funds for DOVE Center. They were so supportive of our cause and made the event a memorable experience. They are both truly gifted performers who know how to inspire!

They were also both such great sports about the technological difficulties and very gracious to repeatedly compliment our event committee for the success of the evening!

We look forward to planning another event with them down the road!

- St. George, UT


It has been my pleasure to work with Mark and Susie on several occasions.

Mark and Susie not only share their message - they live it. They inspire you want to be a better person.

I am grateful for their availability and willingness to listen to my crazy ideas, a simple prayer request, or just to catch up on life, and I'm thankful for their friendship and attention to detail. They also treat my dad like an old friend, and the smile on my dad's face means more to me than they can imagine.

I have booked and promoted many shows and worked with many artists. Mark and Susie are on top of their game. Their show is unmatched and leave concert goers wanting more. The show sponsors are also ecstatic with the success, and want to be a part of future shows. 

Mark and Susie are some of the most genuine people I've ever met and I look forward to working with them again soon - and would recommend them to perform at any event. 

- Warsaw, IN Christmas Concert


We wanted to thank Susie and Mark for coming to our church last Saturday. We really enjoyed the concert, but we also appreciate all the time they spent visiting with people, especially the lady who liked to talk so much! That was very kind, and it showed us they are not just entertainers but ministers of grace. Again, we are glad they came! Mike and Jeanenne

- Mounds, OK


Thank you for coming to the Happy Acres Cowboy Church in Mounds. You blessed everyone I spoke to. I'm the church secretary and wanted to send you this check written out to you in addition. It does not compare to the warmth you left in our hearts and bible truths to dwell on this week.

May God bless you and please get out there and sing more. I know Oklahoma loves you and just wants to hear you are doing well.

- Mounds, OK


I just wanted to say how awesome you were in Cheyenne! Marks message truly was a blessing to me and my family. Keep up the good work, I would love to see mark put together some sermons on video!

- Cheyenne, WY


It was so nice to hear you sing again in person.   We love your easy-going, relaxed, friendly, down-home style.   You make us smile with your music, with your beauty—inside and out—and we so enjoyed listening to your sweet husband Mark sing and interact with you.    He seems VERY nice.  So glad you are happy!

Blessings upon you two as you greatly bless others!

- C V from Oregon


Thank you both for a great evening!  We enjoyed your show and so did everyone that did attend.  I am sorry we did not have a large crowd, but those that came were thrilled to be there!   Thank you for spending time with me before the show----you two are truly a class act and very genuine!  Thank you again!

- Jo Reynolds, CFE, Manager
Warren County Fair, Iowa


The entire program was excellent. Susie captivated our group!

- Jackson, MS


We truly loved the banter between you and Mark; it is so spontaneous and so fun - we received nothing but positive feedback!

- Centerville, IA


Thank you & Mark again for an eye-opening and heart-opening time in
Oklahoma. I took away SO much!! You two are a gift to us all and it makes my
heart happy to see you truly happy joking around, at ease, with a genuine
smile & laugh.

I love you both!!!

- Heather


May GOD bless you real good – the retreat was awesome.  You are such a blessing to watch SING from your HEART.  Of course, Mark is GREAT also.  Just love that song I DO!  WOW!!

May you feel God's presence like never before. 

Carol  – came with Darlene  – there was a lady from Greenville, TX, Marilyn  that is a friend of mine that lived in Trophy Club where I live.  My daughter and her daughter were best friends in high school.  I ran into her at the Lonesome  Dove Antique Shop on Friday.  What a JOY.  Neither one of us knew the other was coming. 

- Carol


I again had a great time at Pamper Me.  Enjoyed how relaxed it was, the location and the format.  Of course, Nancy is a great speaker because she is real and knows how to relate to us women.   Hopefully, those who have never heard about shame or had it defined will take what she said and explore it further.  Shame touches every one of us.  Acknowledging  our own personal shame brings it into the light where Jesus can do his best work, healing and restoration.  Powerful!

My friend that I had not seen in 16 years told me that her new hair doo and the way that you encouraged her about her “curls”, gave her such a lift.  She said this weekend was a breath of fresh air that she so desperately needed.

Every year, Shirley shares her gift of encouragement so beautifully with us.  And, Amber motivated us to get in shape.

Susie and Mark make a great team and host.  The connection and passion they have for each other spills over into our lives and touches all of us.

One last thing…I especially enjoyed that the Pharisees did not show up for this event…hence the laughter, the music and dancing we enjoyed Friday night! 

- M


I just got done this morning, mailing you a thank you card! It was an awesome weekend at Pamper Me ladies retreat! This was my friend Carol andI's first time coming and I tell you, wish we would have started coming years ago!!!  We had such a special time, not only at the retreat, but her and I had such wonderful one on one girl time during the weekend! We listened to your CD's all the way home and then I played them for my husband!  
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


The Pamper Me Retreat was wonderful.  Loved the singing, the speaker, and meeting the wonderful ladies there.  I will be back next year.  Thanks so much for all the hard work that went into the weekend.

- DR


Enjoyed Pamper Me so much this year.  Thought it was just wonderful.  I would like to help more next year. 

- KJ


Hi Susie, I just got done this morning, mailing you a thank you card! It was an awesome weekend at Pamper Me ladies retreat! This was my friend Carol and I's first time coming and I tell you, wish we would have started coming years ago!!!  We had such a special time, not only at the retreat, but her and I had such wonderful one on one girl time during the weekend! We listened to your CD's all the way home and then I played them for my husband!  

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

- Your sister in Christ, DC


I just wanted to thank you again for the positive impact you made on the Denton County Cowboy Church Women's conference.  You were so relaxed & genuine, we really appreciate that!  We loved that you were able to laugh & open your heart to us.  This weekend exceeded my expectations and I am thrilled with the turnout & all the positive responses I have received.

On a personal note, my girls are in awe of you!  This afternoon they continuously talked about how sweet & pretty you are!  It was a great reminder to me of how every action you take impacts the little eyes watching.   

You have such a sweet spirit & soul. 

Thanks again!

- Summer from Texas


Tara Richie Jones Thank you Susie for sharing your story with us. It was a wonderful weekend and I truly enjoyed hearing you speak

- Tara Richie Jones


Jo Ann Holloway Montya Susie ~ you are a Awesome speaker, you share from your heart & soul. You told so much of my story, God works that way. We were so blessed to have you. Lives were changed, I know mine was. Thank you, so much.

- JoAnn Holloway Montya


Petey Merle Anderson-McCauley Thank you so much Susie for your wisdom in the ways to understanding Gods word, your grace in teaching it, and your beautiful voice. Your such a blessing to so many. Thank you for sharing your testimony and life's trials as it makes it more down to earth and realistic instead of a rehearsed. May God richly bless yours and your husbands ministry.

- Petey Merle Anderson-McCauley


On behalf of myself and the churches in and near Port Townsend WA, thank you so much for coming and sharing your ministry with us. In the days since your concert, many people have approached me for the sole purpose of telling me how blessed they were by you. Even several who started the conversation by saying that normally they don’t like country music and finished by saying your songs of family and faith left them feeling encouraged and hopeful.

You have a special gift of being able to blend the personal and professional in such a way that people are able to walk away feeling they know you personally and have heard a concert with a quality that is second to none. The fact that you were willing to squeeze our small rural community into your packed schedule, says a lot for your heart for God and your willingness to serve, even though I know your receipts and sales must have been far below your normal.

Everyone had a wonderful time, not one negative comment from anybody.

We could not be any happier and hope you feel the same. We would love to have you back when it works for us all again.

- Port Hadlock, WA


I just wanted to tell you how much my husband and I enjoyed the performance. Thank you for a wonderful evening and a picture. We miss you already. COME BACK to Nebraska soon. Hopefully our paths will cross again . God bless you both and safe travels.

- Fairfield, NE


I am currently listening to your Passages cd. Amazing how God works! 'I raise my hands, I bow my head, I’m finding more and more truth in the words written in red. They tell me there’s more to life than what I can see. I believe.' You continue to inspire me. Thank you!

- LaPorte, CO


Just a note Susie we got folks on the street asking us(and telling us) when we're bringing ya'll back. I believe your the biggest thing to hit Dunnellon since Phosphate.

- Florida 2013


Looking through your photo album but had to quit.  So many good shots and I love to see the smile on your faces. It is contagious.  You sure make a good team.  Mark should be preparing for some men's retreats and men's conferences as I think he would really do well in that setting.  After all, Susie has her ladies pampered retreats.  Time for the true man retreats and Mark would be well suited for leading it.  

- Dan & Scotti


Susie, Received your new CD yesterday. Thank you for the beautiful autographed photo too. I really do love your new CD, it's playing for the forth time today in fact ! I really like, Texan in a Stetson, living in Sheridan, Wyoming we have lots of those cowboys in stetsons. It's also got that Texas swing beat that I like. Touch the Sky and Fall Down with You, for me they had a Celtic beat, really love that sound. The Living Years has such an important message. Lastly, I'm so glad you talked Mark into singing on some of these with you. He has a beautiful voice.

- Wyoming


Just listened to "Chase the Wind" and I loved, loved, loved it! Did I happen to say "I loved it" LOL

God's blessings to you both!

- McAlester, OK


Susie, your concert in New Hampshire was a huge hit. The next day there was a HUGE buzz and excitement still in the air. There were a few disgruntled fans who told me they got tired of waiting at FIVE GUYS with their cameras. I told them, "no problem," I would be glad to take the time right then to take my picture and sign a few autographs. That loosened them up. :)

With your amazing voice, down to earth friendliness, captivating stories, talented hunk of a husband and strong faith... all combined... you blew our crowd away. We've had a tremendous response following your concert with tons of thank you's for bringing you in. Many expressed their highlight of your concert was not only your voice but your stories. Others loved it when you surprised them and brought Mark on stage with you. The chemistry you both have on stage together is so heart- warming and entertaining. On a personal note I do not enjoy most of the men singers and entertainers because their voice and demeanor can be so feminine. Mark's presence and voice is pure man with an Elvis quality.


Just wanted to send you a "thanks" :) I was at your show Sunday and it was just what I needed. So many things you said resonated with me and have popped into my mind when challenges have arisen this week. God works in wonderful and mysterious ways.

I know you probably get these thank you's all the time, but still wanted to let you know that you added a lot of sunshine to my week:) Please keep doing what you're doing; I hope our paths cross again someday soon!

Look forward to seeing you in Vegas!

Thanks again.

- Texas


It's now one month after your apearance at the Chapel here at Cantebury Park and I still get comments and inquruies about your concert and our event. That says a lot and around a thoroughbred race track. Along with training and racing, many other activities happen rather quickly and are soon forgotten.

Any event calls for planning to help things go smoothly. HOwever with the best of planning, adjustments are usually necessary. That best describes the experience working with the two of you. Your ability to understand the nature of our event, make the necessary adjustments and totally engage our audience is great. Your ability to perceive necessary adjustments and graciously adapt is truly appreciated. You fully engaged and connected with our audience and made our event a success.

While your time with us was very short. It was a very pleasurable working together, along with a wonderful ministry experience. It was absolutely a joy!

- Chaplain Ed Underwood; Minnesota Race Track Chaplaincy of America; Shakopee, MN


We want to thank you for the wonderful presence, inspiration, message and song you bring to the Antelope Church, the Antelope community and the entire area each year at the beginning of August.

For more than 20 years yo have been coming to the little country community Christian church located in Antelope, Oregon, to deliver a message of faith and hope. The town of Antelope has a two digit population and a regular church attendance of less than 50 people but folks pour in from everywhere and it's a sight to see. Each summer the attendance ranges from 6 or 700 people up to 2000. We overflow the church yard and fill up the neighbor's properties and all have a rich experience. It was a fitting tribute that the town of Angtelope presented Susie with a "key to the city" at this year's concert. Susie's honesty and ability to relate candidly with every audience, draws people from all walks of life to her concerts. This event has truly blessed the entire community over the years.

Mark and Susie's appeal comes from the fact that they speak in a language that crosses lifestyles, and they bring a strong message of personal spiritual journey and family values that all can relate to. They bring humor, as well as Susie's powerful positive country message in song. They are more than ministers of the word...they are ministers of the spirit. Susie and Mark never fail to inspire laughter and tears. They are wonderful messengers of positive Christian living and engaging entertainers.

Thank you both for the many blessings you bring.

-Antelope Community Church; Antelope, Oregon


Thank you so much for coming to SIdney to help raise funds for our first Royal Family Kids camp in Western Nebraska. Because of your help, we were able to host nine little girls this year.

Your support made it possible for the Royal Family Kids camp to happen. We look forward to camp again next year and the years to come.

- Yvonne Donaldson; Royal Family Kids; Sidney, NE



Thank you for coming out and doing our concert in July 4th in Gibbon NE for the School Project in Thailand. We had a great time with you!

Susie, Tom and I are always blessed whenever we see you in person or on RFD-TV. Please keep doing what you do as God directs you. And Mark, you are such a helo to Susie and keep on speaking the way that you do. You are an amazing couple. I love the stories that you tell about your family and ranch life etc. The stories make you real to the people. NOt just this big celebrity but a real person with real feelings and real life experiences. I think that gets lost sometimes as people become more famous. Our whole family loves to hear you sing!

- Tom and Angie Gillming; Kearney, NE


[Susie and Mark] did a great job performing as well as connecting with our audience. Our event was exceptional and I can highly recommend Mark and Susie to you.

The music, warmth, and stage presence that Susie exhibits wins everyone over. Mark knows how to promote the event as well as perform during the event.

- Jim and Kathy Gerhold; Sidney, NE


Thank You & Susie for an experience that will be in my thoughts forever!! It was a true honor to meet both of you & wish I could express how touched you both made me feel!!

- Wheatland, WY


Bob & I were at the church service this morning.  We love being there to watch the love between you two and the Love you have for our Savior.  It was a blessing for us. Lord Bless you both P.S. Love your smiles

- Bob & Isla Reece


It was a real treat to have Susie McEntire as our musical guest for a recent Women's Retreat! Her honesty and passion was evident through hersinging and speaking and she made a real connection with the women in attendance. Her music was very well received by the women and they loved her style!

- Leisa, Oklahoma Women's Retreat


Heard some great compliments of you Susie - when I was in Cheyenne for Frontier Days. Lots of people loved you cowboy church - so wish I could have been there.

- Ruth E. Rodekamp


Susie McEntire lit up the room with her bright spirit and beautiful voice. It was a joy to have her at our annual Women's Conference. Her story of adversity and pain to real fulfillment and excitement about life is an inspiration to women in all walks of life. She motivates her listeners to draw closer to Jesus through her testimony and music. Her songs speak volumes. Her humor, wit and down to earth stories will take you from laughter to tears in a matter of moments. Susie's honesty about her life's journey brings out a desire in the rest of us to become more real about the focus of our own spiritual lives. It is clear that her goal is to encourage listeners and make a difference in their lives.

- Debbie Symons, Women's Ministries – Community Worship Center


We here in Isabel just want to say a big thank-you for helping making our Centennial complete.

In 1961, (I was only 11 then)!!, a group of individuals, including my dad dedicated to their community and their western heritage recognized the need to bring the rodeo spirit to the community of Isabel.  Their love enthusiasm and love has been passed down for five decades, with each generation working to preserve the western heritage, while recognizing modern needs and growing times.

The Isabel Rodeo Association has seen many changes over the past 50 years, however one thing that has not changed is the dedication of the committee and the entire community to the success of this extraordinary first weekend in August.

In 2008 we formed the Centennial Committee and plans begin to take place.  I knew after hearing Susie at the Black Hill's Stock show that she must be a part our big celebration. 

The next thing I knew (my how time flies) it is August 7, 2011 and Susie and Mark are coming to town for Cowboy Church in our wonderful Pavilion.  I was so excited I could barely contain myself.  As Susie gave of her gift of music with such love, I knew that she was truly called.  Mark is extraordinary in his own right with his gift of sharing that reaches the heart and touches the soul. 

Everyone in the Pavilion was so moved and blessed by the two of you that I am sure this small rural community of Isabel SD will be long blessed after that wonderful Sunday.


It was an inspirational, entertaining and a WONDERFUL joy to get to know Mark and Susie. Susie captivated our audience with her singing, as well as her sharing about her family. We will have them back again and again...

- St. Petersburg, FL


I so appreciated Mark 's message on Sunday. Wow, it really spoke to me. The whole service was wonderful - Mark , Susie & Joni!

- South Dakota


For the second year, we have had Susie has the guest speaker for our Mayor's Prayer Luncheon. It was a tremendous success that everyone wants her to come back... again, so we are now planning a Christmas event for Susie to come to. Susie is an true inspiration and entertaining also. Thanks, Susie. Great job!

- Bartow, FL


You are truly beautiful person and equally talented.  We came to see you in part because of your family name...but because you sing for the Lord.  We were pleasantly surprised. Please know it was such a blessing to not only hear your story but hear your voice.

- Andover, KS


Loved your show tonight - thanks Mark for your rendition of Amazing Grace.

- Yuma, AZ


My only regret about Cowboy Church is that I missed the first of the two Sundays.  What a great and uplifting service!  You two need to make a movie.  Not later, not someday, now.   The world is ready for your story!  

- Rapid City, SD


More seriously – I would like to thank the two of you for a fantastic evening.  I wasn't sure what to expect – but there is no question about it – you both love the Jesus.  I must say I enjoyed your music very much Susie.  But I really enjoyed it when Mark came down and the two of you talked and sang together.  There was something very special about that time. I know that many people will have their lives changed because of your shows.

- Sumner, NE


Thank you for the amazing time these last two weeks. You and Mark were amazing and so inspiring. You and Mark touched my heart in ways you would never believe. I kept saying to my husband that's my story, how do they know, I was awed by the comparrisons, you are so real when you speak and sing. Thank you for that.  

- Rapid City, SD


Mark & Susie,

Thank you both !!!

It was a great pleasure to meet you both.

I couldn't be happier that I was invited to and able to join you at Cowboy Church.  I'm sure you hear often that you have made a difference in someones life, I can honestly say that you have each had a great impact on me personally.  I Was "just" staying in the game before service, I am now "Staying IN the Game" !!!  Without going into my story, I will say that my life shadows Susie's eerily.  She is an inspiration.

Couldn't really afford the CD that I purchased (Passages), but it has been played over and over and over - each time I listen I hear a little something more.  Love it !!

From the bottom of my heart,

- Kansas


Dear Susie and Mark,

Last night was incredible.  Thanks for taking time to come to Valentine and share your music with us.  We hope the Heart City was warm to you and blessed you generously as well.  We are grateful for your willingness to come and share a day with us.  

- Valentine, NE

P.S.  It was a pleasure working with Mary at your office also.  She was so helpful and kind in getting all the details to us and answering any questions along the way. 


We all loved the concert in Smithwick, SD and can't wait for you all to come back again.  It was so much fun selling the CD's and pictures.  Sure hope we didn't mess up too bad.  Thanks for being such wonderful and warm people.  Everyone left with a smile on their face.  Thanks for the CD Mark.

- Smithwick, SD


I so appreciated Mark's message on Sunday. Wow, it really spoke to me. The whole service was wonderful - Mark, Susie & Joni!

- Dupree, SD


Good morning,

I wanted to let you know that I loved church on Sunday – I was the one sitting in the front row.

Thank you for what you do….


Hi Mark & Susie – We loved time with ya'll too!!!  There have been many guests who were in the pub that night who have talked with me since about what a magical evening it was.  It put everyone in the Christmas spirit and certainly was a special event for Winthrop.  Thank you so much for coming and sharing with us.

Be sure to talk with Stephanie if you want to come back and visit again.   Take care and stop by anytime you're in the area!  You have an extended family at Old Schoolhouse Brewery.

- Old Schoolhouse Brewery


I have not thanked you and Susie for your meaningful and moving ministry you imparted to us at New Trail Fellowship. The time with the both of you was rich and rewarding as you both showed you vulnerability of your lives and passion.  

- Abilene, KS


Susie McEntire lit up the room with her bright spirit and beautiful voice.  It was a joy to have her at our annual Women's Conference.  Her story of adversity and pain to real fulfillment and excitement about life is an inspiration to women in all walks of life.  She motivates her listeners to draw closer to Jesus through her testimony and music.  Her songs speak volumes.  Her humor, wit and down to earth stories will take you from laughter to tears in a matter of moments.  Susie's honesty about her life's journey brings out a desire in the rest of us to become more real about the focus of our own spiritual lives.  It is clear that her goal is to encourage listeners and make a difference in their lives.

- Peyton, TX


Mark and Susie continue to bless our area with a strong message of encouragement through their testimony and music.  Always great…

- Antelope, OR


Everyone in the Pavilion was so moved and blessed by the two of you that I am sure this small rural community of Isabel SD will be long blessed after that wonderful Sunday.

- South Dakota


Thank you Susie!   I told as many people as I could what a joy it was to visit with you how refreshing it was to hear your positive and inspiration outlook!  Please don't hesitate to drop me a line the next time you're in our neck of the woods. You're always welcome here at Rocking M

- Salina Radio